Band: The Giving

The Giving band auftritt

It’s Friday night 4 am, we’re walking the streets of Karlsruhe, Germany. We drove four hours just to see one of our favorite bands play. It was worthwhile. Fifteen minutes ago we were still having a beer at a random bar talking about life and death, you know, stuff that songs sing about. In the heat of the discussion our beloved friend and lead guitarist accuses us of not honestly loving him, instead, as a conclusion of this ongoing conversation, he believes that we are just trying to keep him down, that we are all, unconsciously, aiming to take power over each other, simply because we don’t know how to deal with such an overwhelming feeling otherwise – the fear of death. Right now, having reached the bottom of our existence, we’re shouting at each other, unfolding every lie that lies underneath the foundation of our relationship. „Everything’s falling apart“ – probably this band won’t exist anymore by the end of the night … „and still we’re here fighting not to walk away from this“ … „let’s leave this darkness and break into the light“.

You can take any song you want; The Giving is about relationships, it’s about love and the difficulties we face when a situation requires us to step back in order to reach out, to step back in order to allow intimacy and a bond on a deeper level in which we seem to be threatened to lose ourselves, to lose control over whom we think we are or should be. Too often we pull back, lock ourselves behind thick walls, too afraid of the counterpart well knowing that we fight against what we really want. The Giving is the result of something that has started more than ten years ago. Having challenged each other in both personal and creative ways, we always knew that music is what keeps us together, that music is what makes us „keep going on … together“, in search of ourselves, in search of love, of meaning and joy. After all this years on the road, playing in several different bands, laughing, crying, always reaching for newer and richer experiences, we never gave up on each other and kept doing what we do best. These are the „letters of an untold story“ and they are about to be written down.

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