Band: Tendonitis

Tendonitis band

Tendonitis was originally founded back in 2003. Ever since these early days their target was not to follow any short-living trends but to create their own kind of heavy metal music. The assembly of an adequate troop to achieve their vision took almost 10 years and several lineup changes, the last being the entry of vocalist Ben in fall 2013. Since 2009 Tendonitis have played gigs around Zurich and thrilled the audience with their energetic and authentic sound. Keeping up the audio diversity, the band members are inspired by very different influences. So it’s no wonder that Tendonitis cannot and doesn’t want to fit into any particular genre. Let’s call it melodic, thrash, black or heavy metal – the band somehow manages to combine harshness, profound lyrics and unique melodies into an atmosphere that cannot be described with common attributes and needs to be experienced.

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