Tag: Post-Hardcore

Band: Ticket to Nowhere

ticket to nowhere band

Ticket to Nowhere aus Luzern verbinden in ihrer Musik, was scheinbar nicht zusammenpasst. Und dennoch fühlt es sich an, als ob diese energetische und in höchster Präzision vorgetragene Mischung aus Post-Hardcore und Progressive-Metal schon immer so zusammengehört hätte. Die jungen Zentralschweizer haben mit ihrem innovativen Rezept in den letzten Jahren diverse Jurys beeindruckt und so …

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Band: Defender

defender bandfoto

DEFENDER is a Post-Hardcore band formed in Baden Switzerland in 2014. The band decided to start this journey after the dissolving of their old bands. To create music, to share and to feel a sense of passion and emotions are probably the main reasons that keeps this band alive. DEFENDER is known for their explosive …

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Band: Final Story

Final Story band auftritt

FINAL STORY are one of the bands that are constantly in search for the bigtime songs. The five guys from Switzerland would never be satisfied with a half-hearted output and this is impressively proven on their debut-album “Carpathia”. Catchy melodies, rock-hard breakdowns paired up with the bravery to sometimes strike a more quiet tone. The …

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Band: Scream your Name

Band ScreamyourName

Formed in 2010, more than 150 live shows all over the world, two full-length studio records and tons of discipline. Those are the most important facts about Scream Your Name. With a lot of passion and diligence they are currently working with Hamburg based producer Bassel Hallak on their third album. The new full-length record …

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