Band: Ophelia’s Eye

Ophelia’s Eye Band

Ophelia’s Eye previously known as Project Penny and later on Red Fire Dragon. As both names occured to be to generic and not fitting the band’s music the band decided to change the name to…

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Band: Scars of Yesterday

scars of yesterday band

“Scars of Yesterday“ ist der Phönix aus der Asche. Nach vierjährigem Bestehen löste sich Across Atear im Sommer 2016 auf. Doch der Kern bleibt bestehen! Mit neuer Energie wurden aus den gesammelten Erfahrungen neue Diamanten…

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Band: Atropas

atropas Band

  With their first two albums released through Italian metal label WHD, Atropas is set to publish their very first independent release: Black Gold. Having taken almost three years between writing and touring to complete…

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