Schlagwort: Melodic Hardcore

Band: Catch My Story

catch my story band

    Catch My Story is a melodic hardcore band based in Conthey, Switzerland. The band was founded in 2013 at Death Pôle Production’s basement by Simon, Simon and Ludovic. The band soon creates a mix of kicking-ass rythms, melodic choruses and heavy riffs. Catch My Story strives to create a unique universe true to …


Band: Days of Ruin

Days of Ruin Band auftritt

> Rising from the ashes of the former Bernese Metalcore antiheroes “Road to Nowhere”, “Days of Ruin” pick up where the former left off more than five years ago. With a much clearer focus and some wisdom gained through the aging process, “Days of Ruin” take up the cause of delivering hardcore with melodic elements …


Band: The Giving

The Giving band auftritt

It’s Friday night 4 am, we’re walking the streets of Karlsruhe, Germany. We drove four hours just to see one of our favorite bands play. It was worthwhile. Fifteen minutes ago we were still having a beer at a random bar talking about life and death, you know, stuff that songs sing about. In the …