Band: Sickret

sickret band hardcore / nu metal

Since the founding of the band in 2010, SICKRET has played over 130 shows in 7 countries, where they convince their fans with dynamic songwriting and awesome stage presence. SICKRET plays Nu Metal-, Crossover- and Hardcore, and show the audience how this mixture should sound nowadays.

After their success in the “KUFA Hardcore CUP”, where the four guys won against numerous other bands, more concerts were following, where SICKRET were sharing the stage with bands like SICK OF IT ALL, PRO PAIN, SKINDRED, BREAKDOWN OF SANITY, ABORTED, FIRST BLOOD and more. After the band released their debut-album “Pointless Appendix”, which was widely appreciated, SICKRET received an EMP Support-Deal in 2014, and, only one year later, a tour in Cuba and a tour in Eastern Europe was following, just like many single shows inside and outside of Switzerland.

​On September 30th 2016 SICKRET came finally back with their new album “Hypocritical”, so be prepared for a new climax of the Hardcore- and Nu Metal-Genre!

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