Band: Shrines Of Dying Light

The Melancholic Doom Metal Band Shrines of Dying Light has been formed as a side-project by Julian and Roman back in 2016. Roger (Disgusting Fist), the ex-bandmate of Roman joined in a jamsession and it was just awesome.
Finding a skilled drummer, who fits in the band on a personal level was not that easy because of the distance, but in Michael, Shrines of Dying Light found the missing piece. He was a bandmate of Julian for years in a Band called Malum Innatum. As the band split off, Michael decided to be a fixed member of Shrines of Dying Light.
After the first gig in 2018, the guys were ready to go and recorded their first album “Insomnia”. Insomnia will be released on 31th of august as a digital download version and a limited digipack version.

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