Swiss Death-Metal band REQUIEM was founded in 1997 by Phil Klauser (Guitars), Ralph Inderbitzin (Guitars) and Roger Kradolfer (Drums).

In the beginning of 1998 Michi Kuster (Vocals/Bass) from Swiss Black-Metal band MOONFOG joined the line-up. With this new line-up they recorded a demo-CD called «Prophecies Of A Dark Millennium» at a friend’s home-studio. This album has never been released, they’ve only made some copies for promotion. REQUIEM’s first shows started during that year.

In early 1999 REQUIEM replaced former drummer Roger Kradolfer with Adi Fuhrer (former drummer of Swiss bands CORRUPTION and MEGORA) and started writing new blasting songs. The typical REQUIEM style was born back then.

During the years 1999 to 2001, REQUIEM played a lot of shows and some small tours in Europe. Organized and booked by themselves.
In the middle of January 2001, REQUIEM recorded a 5-song mini-CD called «Nameless Grave» at the Dynamo Studio, Zurich, which was released in March 2001 through Fastbeast Entertainment (CH).

After playing a lot of gigs and festivals in Europe and signing a deal with Revenge Productions (GER) in February 2002, REQUIEM decided to record their first full-length CD, called «Formed At Birth». Meanwhile drummer Adi Fuhrer was replaced by Reto Crola from Swiss Death-Metal machine PUNISH.

In January 2003, REQUIEM recorded «Formed At Birth» at the Dynamo Studio in Zurich again and released the CD in March 2003 through Revenge Productions (GER). They played a lot of shows and festivals in Europe and were proud to support legendary band MESSIAH at their reunion show «Reanimation 2003» at Abart Music Club in Zurich. End of 2003, Reto had to take a break due to his job and other projects. As a result of that, former member Adi Fuhrer was back in REQUIEM as a session drummer. Additionally they were accompanied by former MESSIAH bass player Patrick Herrsche. That decision allows Michi Kuster to concentrate only on vocals and to create more various and diverse vocal arrangements.

The year 2004 started as a great year: REQUIEM played at the Fuck The Commerce Festival (GER), the Obscene Extreme Festival (CZ) and had a great tour with BENEDICTION, MASTER and DIVINE EMPIRE through Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Due to health problems of bass player Patrick Herrsche, bass player Ralf Winzer Garcia from German Thrash-Metal band UPPERCUT took over the place in November 2004 for the recording sessions of the new CD and further shows in 2005.

In early 2005, they recorded a new full-length effort «Government Denies Knowledge». This production was mixed and mastered by Canadian masterminds Jean-Francois Dagenais from KATAKLYSM and Bernard Belley. Many record labels showed interest in releasing «Government Denies Knowledge». Finally, they signed a contract with the German label Massacre Records. REQUIEM hit the road in September 2005 as support for US Death-Metal veterans VITAL REMAINS on their European tour, playing in eight different countries.
The full length CD «Government Denies Knowledge» was released on January, 27th 2006. After the release and fantastic reviews in magazines and fanzines all over the world the band went on the road again as support of Swedish Death-Metal institution DISMEMBER, playing 14 shows in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

During December 2006, REQUIEM recorded the new album «Premier Killing League» with producer Andy Classen at Stage One Studio (GER). The release date was March, 23rd 2007. Again on Massacre Records (GER). «Premier Killing League» was supported by a severe live attack leading the band throughout Europe. In the meantime second guitar player Ralf Inderbitzin left the band due to personal reasons. REQUIEM continued as a four piece and played some festivals in summer 2007. Another tour followed in June 2007 supporting VADER and BELPHEGOR throughout the UK and the Netherlands. On August 25th 2007, REQUIEM shot their first video clip for the title song of their new record «Premier Killing League». The video was introduced to the audience on, and several other online platforms. In addition it had a TV appearance broadcast on Swiss national television (SF2) in March 2008. Shortly after that REQUIEM began with writing and arrangements for a complete new record.

In September 2008 a scheduled European tour supporting EXTREME NOISE TERROR was cancelled due to several problems within the organization. Instead of that REQUIEM went on tour with Florida Death-Metal band LOWBROW throughout many European countries. December 2008 marked the second time with producer Andy Classen for the recordings of their forthcoming album «Infiltrate… Obliterate… Dominate…» at Stage One Studio (GER). After the post production of the new record REQUIEM went on a full European tour co-headlining with the Porn-Grind band LIVIDITY.

Shortly after that tour and followed by long proceedings with different labels worldwide REQUIEM finally signed a new deal with German based label Twilight in May 2009. New CD «Infiltrate… Obliterate… Dominate…» will hit the stores on July, 31st 2009 followed by massive live and media promotion. In addition two new video clips will be published prior to the release containing live shots and spectacular views of a real salt-mine. New tours, single and festival shows for the upcoming months and the next year are currently planned.
February 2010: After 13 years vocalist Michi Kuster has decided to leave the band due to family reasons. It’s not possible for him anymore to take part of the busy band schedule. REQUIEM made the decision to continue as a three- piece band from now on. New line-up: Phil Klauser (Guitars), Ralf Winzer Garcia (Vocals/Bass) and Reto Crola (Drums). REQUIEM will re-enter Stage One Studio in Borgentreich, Germany, in December 2010 with producer Andy Classen to start recording the new album titled «Within Darkened Disorder».
The album «Within Darkened Disorder» was released on May, 6th 2011 through the label Twilight again. REQUIEM played a lot of club shows and prepared themselves for a co-headlining tour with Demonical (SWE) in January 2012.
January 2012 REQUIEM started the Death to All Tour with DEMONICAL, TORMENTION and ERUPDEAD. The tour was disastrous – all bands were forced to cancel the last 3 Shows of the tour due the financial situation of the tour agency. Summer 2012 Ralf Winzer Garcia left REQUIEM. For him it was the right time to pursue a new path both musically and personally, but the band will continue to move on of course with a new 5 member lineup. REQUIEM also inked a new deal with MDD Records (GER) to release as the first step the latest album «Within Darkened Disorder» in autumn again – that’s because our old label Twilight went bankrupt at the beginning of 2012. We also gave the album to Andy Classen again for a great remastering of it.
Be prepared for the 15th year of PREMIER DEATH METAL made by REQUIEM.

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