Band: Radwaste

Radwaste bandauftritt

Radwaste make a mix of catchy riffs with lickety-split guitar solos and vocal lines which easily stand comparison with the old masters. Metal with an attitude in the vein of Nevermore, Exodus and Megadeth that doesn’t only bring every head to the bang – be it the one of a metalhead or of somebody who saw Sepultura in their original formation – but also makes girls‘ hearts beat faster.
The band was founded 2008 by 4 guys from Swiss Aarau area to merge their love for Heavy Metal – in a basement near two nuclear plants and a nuclear research institute. It didn’t take them long to write CRISPY and bloody tight metal songs, influenced by such bands as Nevermore, Megadeth and Exodus. The first support gigs were soon after established, owing to good connections to bigger local bands, and already in year two of their existence, the band got to play on the talent forum stage of the Metalcamp festival, Tolmin, Slovenia, which was again followed by a number of local shows, in each of which two aspects stood out remarkably: the big charisma of frontman Daniel Jerosch and the immaculate guitarwork. All these aspect added up to the prominence and acceptance of the band, which were reflected in their de-facto sold-out headlining record release show in late 2010.
The now available RADWASTE debut is brim-full of energy, charm and sex-appeal, always straddling from classic Bay Area Thrash to Heavy Metal and back, capturing a portion of Glam en passant – up the irons!

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