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Blastoff for Mercury7 was in spring 2014 when the quartet got together with the mission to write tight, riff-based rock songs led by a strong voice. There were no further stylistic limitations – zero gravity, musically. Much like the NASA pioneers they named themselves after, they are a handpicked bunch of musicians – and just like their namesakes they throw themselves into their mission with all they’ve got. And it shows.

Out of chaos comes order – it’s one of nature’s central laws. Sometimes, letting musical inputs slide, letting ideas grow organically from a kernel to a fully blown rock epos is just what was needed. For a band with only 12 months and a couple of try-out shows to test the waters, Mercury7 have come a long way already. Their stage presence is tried-and-tested, their set is steamy and tight and astonishingly creative given they perform in the old- school rock line-up: drums, bass, guitars and vocals.

The boys are currently finishing pre-production of the last bunch of tracks for their debut album, which will be recorded in the summer and is due for release in the fall of 2015. Anyone into melodic yet groovy, riff-ripping rock topped with top-notch vocals will dig what these guys deliver. You could still just call it moon rock – or Mercury7.

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