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FINAL STORY are one of the bands that are constantly in search for the bigtime songs. The five guys from Switzerland would never be satisfied with a half-hearted output and this is impressively proven on their debut-album “Carpathia”. Catchy melodies, rock-hard breakdowns paired up with the bravery to sometimes strike a more quiet tone. The single “Empire” introduced the latest chapter of the band and it became straight clear that there would never be any compromise. No effort is spared which is clearly visible and audible: For the sound mixer Andrew Wade (A DAY TO REMEMBER, THE GHOST INSIDE, THE WORD ALIVE) took responsibility and as well the video clip of the first output shows where FINAL STORY aim to go – to the very top, no matter how stony the roads gets. The final pages of the story are still about to be written.

After the debut-EP “Hopefully This Will End Well” FINAL STORY took their time to work properly on the first long-player. This period was well used by the guys to earn their spurs on a number of live-shows, to find out who they are and to reinvent themselves. Three years later there are eleven songs, that couldn’t be more original on any level. Songs that are honest, fully emotional and that sound nothing like a debut at all. With an exceptional voice and ingenious song-writing FINAL STORY are meanwhile working for half a century to reach their limits and go far beyond them. The next pages of FINAL STORY are opened and hold ready their first album “Carpahtia”, which is released worldwide on December 4, 2015 via Redfield Digital.

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