Band: Exess

exess band

Founded in 2016 under the impulse of drummer Alan Montanari, Exess is a Groove Metal formation. A keen rock (very) powerful allying progressive and lyrical colorings to a rhythmically resolutely „metal“. Fully Sharing Exess’s musical style and trends the guitarist Francis Froidevaux joined the team on the Alan’s call. Having been on their own side leaders in various projects, the union of these two musicians-composers went to the creation of a project with undeniably new and deeply original contours. In this perspective, the idea of integrating a feminine and powerful voice gave to the group – still incomplete at that time – the opportunity to open new stylistic horizons affirming definitely the imprint and character of Exess. So Céline Bart, who already played with Stéphane Froidevaux, was the perfect person to come on board for this delicate role! Rhythmic ardor, lyricism, melody … this trio was always looking for a bass player which had known how to add the groove’s touch in the team, while ensuring accuracy, heaviness and power required by the categorically energetic and „metal“ profile of the group. This is how David Pauli joined Exess, whose members had been working many months on different compositions. For almost a year the quartet evolves now in this complete and definitive organization getting the opportunity to present to the public a part of its repertoire during Porrentruy’s fairetrade in August 2018. This „baptism by fire“ received an unexpected warm and enthusiastic welcome giving confidence to the group in its musical choice and its image as well as in its desire to continue this amazing adventure of which only the prologue has been sketched. Exess will start recording its first sound track in studio since February 2019. This will be pursued by a residency and a concert tour to promote the album and present the group as it deserves it.

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