Band: Dawnless


In order to find Dawnless’ origins, you’d have to go back as far as 1998. It is during that year that theses 5 friends decided, quite out of nothing, to give a shot at music, without any musical notion for most. Until 2002, the band searches for its own style, playing cover songs while debuting on stage. It is during that same period of time that the first songs are written, and that the band finds its inspiration in Scandinavian melodic metal, which is, at the time, their main influence.

Dawnless was officially born in January 2003. Early on, the musicians write songs in their own style, allying powerful riffs to melodies.

And so it is that Dawnless, slowly but surely, finds its own way into the local musical landscape, which follows by the recording of their first album “A Way Of Escape”, in early 2006. This 10 tracks record is followed, a few months after, by the shooting of the “Winds Of Fate” video clip, shot on top of one of the surrounding mountain, at around 3800m of altitude.

This first album gave the band new opportunities, allowing it, in November 2007, to even play on the Z7 mythical stage in Pratteln for the “Battle of Metal”!

Convinced of their potential and of the interest their music drew, the musicians lock themselves up in their rehearsal room and give birth, in summer 2008, to a 9 tracks second album named “While Hope Remains”. This album, more mature and homogeneous than the first opus, is the band’s first real outcome and they will then line up more than eighty gigs until fall 2013.

Dawnless then disappears from live stages for three long years. It is during this period of time that the band’s 3rd album is written and recorded. “Beyond The Shade” finally comes out late January 2016 and represents a major step for this Swiss lineup. The eight new songs define a more powerful type in which riffs are better set and melodies more smartly spread. It is now time for the band to get back on stage and meet the crowd again, and, who knows, to even reach the dream of reaching the top and goals set 18 years earlier…

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