Band: Catch My Story

catch my story band


Catch My Story is a melodic hardcore band based in Conthey, Switzerland. The band was founded in 2013 at Death Pôle Production’s basement by Simon, Simon and Ludovic. The band soon creates a mix of kicking-ass rythms, melodic choruses and heavy riffs. Catch My Story strives to create a unique universe true to themselves and their beliefs.
They released their debut EP „One“ in 2014 and have been invited to take part in an european tour with Circle Of Execution in early 2015. In 2016, they went in front of the mic to record their second EP called „Duality“ at Conatus Studio. The band had the chance to share the stage with bands like Landscape (UK) and Acres (UK) during their latest adventures. Throughout 2018, the band welcomed their new drummer Thomas and their new guitarist Stéphane. At the same time, they were up to record a new EP „Resilience“ soon to be released at Caduceus & Rook Studio.

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