SilverMountain suchen Drummer und Keyboarder

Silver Mountain, eine Rainbow Tribute Band aus der Schweiz suchen für künftige Shows Unterstützung. Rainbow ist eine britische Band, gegründet von Ritchie Blackmore nach seinem Ausstieg aus Deep Purple. Die ganze Geschichte zur Band gibt es hier auf Wikipedia.

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Band: Dawnless


In order to find Dawnless’ origins, you’d have to go back as far as 1998. It is during that year that theses 5 friends decided, quite out of nothing, to give a shot at music, without any musical notion for most. Until 2002, the band searches for its own style, playing cover songs while debuting on stage. It is during that same period of time that the first songs are written, and that the band finds its inspiration in Scandinavian melodic metal, which is, at the time, their main influence.

Dawnless was officially born in January 2003. Early on, the musicians write songs in their own style, allying powerful riffs to melodies.

And so it is that Dawnless, slowly but surely, finds its own way into the local musical landscape, which follows by the recording of their first album “A Way Of Escape”, in early 2006. This 10 tracks record is followed, a few months after, by the shooting of the “Winds Of Fate” video clip, shot on top of one of the surrounding mountain, at around 3800m of altitude.

This first album gave the band new opportunities, allowing it, in November 2007, to even play on the Z7 mythical stage in Pratteln for the “Battle of Metal”!

Convinced of their potential and of the interest their music drew, the musicians lock themselves up in their rehearsal room and give birth, in summer 2008, to a 9 tracks second album named “While Hope Remains”. This album, more mature and homogeneous than the first opus, is the band’s first real outcome and they will then line up more than eighty gigs until fall 2013.

Dawnless then disappears from live stages for three long years. It is during this period of time that the band’s 3rd album is written and recorded. “Beyond The Shade” finally comes out late January 2016 and represents a major step for this Swiss lineup. The eight new songs define a more powerful type in which riffs are better set and melodies more smartly spread. It is now time for the band to get back on stage and meet the crowd again, and, who knows, to even reach the dream of reaching the top and goals set 18 years earlier…

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Excelsis – Neues Musikvideo

Beim letzten CastleRockBurgdorf im April 2019 durften wir unterstützung bieten für mehrere Live Musikvideos der Emmenthaler Drachentöter Excelsis. Nachdem das erste Video „Maimond“ bereits am 21.04.2019 veröffentlicht wurde, durfte man nun seit Sonntag 19.05.2019 das zweite Video zum Ersten Mal bestaunen. Der Klassiker „Heiligs Wasser“ wurde veröffentlicht. Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle nochmals an Davin und Oliver Kämpfer von für die kompetente und angenehme Unterstützung. Sowie natürlich die tollen Resultate des sechsten CastleRockBurgdorf.

Nun aber genug Text, schaut euch die tollen Musikvideos an.


Band: Cellar Darling


We want to unleash feelings and experiences by telling stories and drawing symbols, in the way mankind has done since the dawn of its existence: through legends, folk tales, theatre, drama, spirituality – and through songs.

We may sing about the future, we may sing about the past – for essentially, they are the same. If you come to experience our show, you will not know what to expect. If days are bright, our performance shall be bright. If they are dark, it will be dark. In any case, we will tell you stories: those you’ve missed in a world where no bed time stories are told anymore, or those which have never been told before.

2019: The Spell

CELLAR DARLING’s second full-length »The Spell« weaves a dark fairytale for the modern era, told through heavy yet intricate, progressive folk rock, enchanting visual art and utterly immersive storytelling. The band began in 2016 after Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars and bass) left Swiss folk metallers ELUVEITIE, which they had all played in for over a decade. But they weren’t ready to end their musical journey together yet, and embarked on a new and different path.
“We’re happy that ELUVEITIE fans have joined us, but we didn’t want to do the same thing with CELLAR DARLING: we want to do our own thing,” explains Merlin. “With CELLAR DARLING, we deliberately didn’t set ourselves any limits – and that really enabled us to find the type of music that we wanted to play.”
Anna originally used the name CELLAR DARLING for her own solo album in 2013, but it also perfectly encapsulated their vision for this new adventure. “Our music stems from ideas that were kept hidden away in a type of creative cellar, and are now ready to see the light,” Anna explains. “It also visualises our music: the darkness is the cellar, and ‘darling’ represents something light and beautiful.”
The three-piece introduced these spellbinding sounds to the world with their debut album »This Is The Sound« in 2017. But for »The Spell«, they decided to take their musical ideas and creativity one step further, and to make a concept album, after the initial idea for »The Spell« came to Anna randomly while she was out hiking with her father. It tells the tale of an unnamed girl who is birthed into a world that is full of pain, damaged and debilitated by the human beings that inhabit it. We follow her as she searches for meaning in life, when suddenly she meets and falls in love with death – concluding with an ambiguous ending that leaves the listener wondering. Though Anna set out to create abstract rather than autobiographical lyrics, »The Spell« became a personal journey for her.
“Even if you write completely abstract lyrics, it is based on your life and personality somehow,” she says. “It was strange, because even though it was a dark concept, when I created it I was feeling happy. But then, as we were working on the album, my mental health got really bad – worse than ever before. It was as if the creative part of my brain was realising what state I was in before I became fully conscious of it.” But focusing on the album helped Anna to work through these demons: “The music is always my outlet,” she says. “Without it, I probably wouldn’t be here anymore.”
Though it was Anna who conceived the concept of the album, CELLAR DARLING is very much a collaborative effort. “A song that is written by only Ivo or myself would not sound like Cellar Darling,” says Anna firmly. “That is what makes this band special.” “It was something new for me,” adds Ivo on the experience of writing music around a concept for the first time. “It was challenging, but after 12 years of making music, it was really good for my musical experience. It gave us something to focus on.” “I think the lyrical concept definitely helped in making the album a coherent whole,” Merlin adds.
On »The Spell«, CELLAR DARLING have cemented their sound. Juxtaposing darkness and light, the album soars with melody, pummels with heavy passages and is peppered throughout with progressive flourishes, folky interludes and classical elements, as well as their use of hurdy gurdy and flute. “I think prog fits us best,” says Merlin. “Prog isn’t just about guitar solos, long songs or technical ability: for me, it’s pushing the limits of genre. We don’t want to set any boundaries for ourselves, and to me, that is the definition of progressive music.” His enthusiasm for grandiose rock and prog bands like QUEEN and DREAM THEATER shines through in »The Spell«, and it comes as no surprise that Anna is the child of two professional opera singers, as her stunning vocals glide majestically throughout this ambitious album.
But the ambition of »The Spell« doesn’t stop with the music and lyrics: CELLAR DARLING have created an audiobook that’s narrated by Anna to help complement the album’s story, and they enlisted Romanian graphic designer, Costin Chioreanu (OPETH, ULVER, WARDRUNA and more) to create vivid illustrations and animated videos for every track.
“He’s the artwork rock star in the metal scene!” laughs Anna. “I was a huge fan of his – I actually have a sleeve tattoo with artwork that he did for ULVER. So I got in touch with him about that and kept in touch ever since. He’s an amazing artist: we just sent him the music and lyrics, and he delivered.”
For CELLAR DARLING, the intricate artwork is central to the album. “Even now when I am listening to an album, I like to be able to look through the artwork,” Merlin says. “To hold the sleeve in your hand while you listen. It’s very much a part of the album experience, in my opinion: I grew up with my dad’s record collection, he had something like 10,000 vinyl! It was a more deliberate way of listening to music. It’s amazing that now WE have something like this, that you can actually spend some time looking at while listening to the music. So I think it’s amazing that we are able to make the artwork available digitally as well, in the form of animated videos for each and every track, and on our website, too.”
“It gives more importance to the concept,” Anna concludes. “Having something like a bonus track would have been great, but it wouldn’t have completed what we started. With the audiobook and the fitting artwork, it closes the circle.”

2016-2018: Formation & This Is The Sound

Cellar Darling formed in the summer of 2016 out of the split of Switzerland’s most successful metal act to date, the chart-topping Eluveitie. The trio consisting of Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars & bass) therefore already looks back on a decade of touring the world, in 45+ countries on 6 continents. The winners of the 2014 Swiss Music Award as ‘best live act’ have experienced much together, forming a bond that can overcome any adversity.
After the split with their former band in June 2016, the trio knew that their musical journey was far from over and instantly began working on their own songs. What quickly developed was a unique and fresh combination of grand and heavy riffs, powerful drumming and a unique voice, with the signature folky, earthy tones of the hurdy gurdy, confidently fusing heavy alternative and progressive rock with strong folk influences and poetic lyrical tales, creating what you may very well call a New Wave Of Folk Rock.
In September 2016, following a summer of intense songwriting sessions, Cellar Darling self-released their first single ‚Challenge‘ along with the bonus track ‘Fire, Wind & Earth’, to overwhelmingly positive reactions from around the world. Signing to Nuclear Blast Records in January 2017 was swiftly followed by 3 single releases, all met with a staggering support from the ever growing fanbase. The videos for ‚Avalanche‘ and ‚Black Moon‘ each broke 1 million views on YouTube within months, and the subsequent release of Cellar Darling’s debut album ‘This Is The Sound’ on June 30th 2017 received widespread critical acclaim and overwhelming positive response from fans around the world. The album entered top 100 charts in Switzerland, Germany and the UK, peaking at #16 in the band’s home country, and surpassed 1.8 million streams on Spotify alone within 6 months.
In support of ‘This Is The Sound’, Cellar Darling toured three continents and more than 20 countries.

Drums | Merlin Sutter
Vocals, Hurdy Gurdy, Flute | Anna Murphy
Guitars, Bass | Ivo Henzi

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tHOLA, which means ‚wolf‘ in an ancient east-Indian language, is a Swiss Thrash/Power Metal band.

The band was formed late 2016, initiated by the main Songwriter and general Mastermind, Rolf ‚Rodo‘ Studer. Rodo’s vision was to get the very best musicians and to create fast and powerful metal, interjected with technical and progressive elements.

With Rodo’s reputation for being an outstanding musician and an ‚out-of-the-box‘ songwriter, it did not take much convincing for drummer Sven Imsand, Bassist Thommy Ambiel and vocalist extraordinaire, Fredy Salzman to join the new band.

Two songs, sCREAMING wORLD and dIGItAL tIME, were written and recorded within weeks. Already during this processes, it became very clear, that in order to make tHOLA’s music as powerful and heavy as we had set as our goal, we needed a second Guitarist. There was really only one name that came to mind, a guitarist, even though he hadn’t played live in quite some time, who had exactly what we needed, what we wanted, what we were looking for, Patrick Ambord. Patrick, with his very unique style, with his technique and his enthusiasm, was in the band before we had the chance to finish our proposal; a big fat YES, Let’s do it!

With that, the tHOLA line-up was complete and we were ready to write and record songs. The recording part is necessary, because tHOLA’s drummer, Sven, lives in Spain and we use the recordings to rehearse individually.

Within a few months, through extremely hard work and total commitment by all band-members, we had together a just under two hour set.

tHOLA’s debut concert was to be held in one of the finest Music-Clubs in Switzerland, the famous Moshpit in Switzerland. After an intense one week band rehearsal in Switzerland, we hit the stage and were overwhelmed by the reaction from the audience. It did not take long, and we had the over two hundred people attending, moshing and headbanging. It was a night to remember.

THOLA stands for uncompromising, fast, heavy, sometimes very playful Metal, with a twist here and there; wOLFbURN-Metal

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Vapourtrail – We save Heroes

vapourtrail band foto rock

Vapourtrail aus Langenthal spielen alternative Rock. Mit diesem „alternative“ lässt sich schon vermuten, die Band Vapourtrail lässt viele Einflüsse in ihre Musik strömen. Dennoch behalten sie ihren Stil, der doch klar erkennbar ist. Im Interview mit Radio 32 plaudern Vapourtrail über die lange Entstehung des Albums. Zwei Jahre lang wurde getüftelt und geschraubt, bis alles so passte wie es sein sollte. Auch wenn die meisten Texte im ruhigen geschrieben werden, gibt es auch andere Situationen: „Es hat es auch schon gegeben, das wir unbedingt einen Text brauchten  und dann sind wir hingesessen und haben einen hingezaubert.“, lassen Sigi und Domo durchblicken.

Part of a Notion

Langes blabla – auf zur Musik! Mit „Part of a Notion“ startet das Album „We save Heroes“. Und dazu gibts ein schönes Musikvideo.


Das Album

Das Album besteht aus zehn Songs zwischen 3:05 Minuten und 7:45 Minuten. Das Album gibt es auf Spotify, Deezer oder als CD, zum Beispiel auf für 15.90CHF.*

Album Cover vapourtrail - we save heroes

1. Part Of A Notion
2. Here You Are
3. Who Knows
4. Never Stop
5. When Time Started Burning
6. Just Another Stone
7. Listen
8. Moonclouds
9. The Rain Is Gone
10. The Belt


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Band: Bloodstained Ground

Bloodstained Ground Band

Founded back in 2007 the Swiss band Bloodstained Ground came together to express themselves through their dark-souled melodic death metal. Through the years they refined their blackened creation. In the past their abstract and metaphoric lyrics were directly taken from their daily experiences, which are nowadays combined with themes from the abysmal depths of the society in dark middle age – pest, inquisition, witch hunting and the humans’ urge to find culprits to hide their failures and to feed their force. For the new record „A Poem Of Misery“ various stringed and bowed instruments were added. Through all the pounding guitar-riffs the cellos, violins and sitars are giving you the impression to be part of a torture ritual in a cold cellar attended by dark chamber music. Bloodstained Ground understand how to use melodic death metal structures and add elements that go beyond that. For a few years Bloodstained Ground have performed all over Switzerland and in Europe. They went through various lineup changes while they re-defined themselves over and over again. We are proud to present to you their second full-length album „A Poem Of Misery“ which is going to hit the stores in autumn 2014 (Czar of Bullets).

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Band: Tempus Fuckit

tempus fuckit sludge band basel

Wir von Tempus Fuckit spielen Sludge / Groove Metal und sind heiss darauf, weitere Bretter unter die Füsse zu bekommen. Wir durften schon mit Bands wie Corrosion of Conformity, High Reeper etc. die Bühne teilen.

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6.CastleRockBurgdorf – Danke!

Soundcheck CastleRockBurgdorf

Schon ist es wieder vorbei, das sechste CastleRockBurgdorf. Wir sagen allen involvierten Personen Danke! Ohne euch wäre ein solches Konzert in Burgdorf nicht möglich. Das CastleRock zieht schöne Geschichten nach sich, auch wenn das Konzert wohl die schwarze Null nicht erreichen wird.

Zum ersten Mal entstanden beim Konzert nicht nur Bilder, sondern auch Live Videos für Excelsis. Gestartet wurde mit einem ersten Trailer..

Und kurze Zeit später war bereits das erste Musikvideo da!
WOW! Wir freuen uns auf mehr.. 🙂
Zum Schluss noch drei Bilder vom Konzert. Möchtest du mehr sehen? Du kannst sie hier im Post auf der CastleRock Seite bestaunen. Viel Spass.

Driven Under am CastleRockBurgdorf

Driven Under am CastleRockBurgdorf

Excelsis am CastleRockBurgdorf

Excelsis am CastleRockBurgdorf

Xaon am CastleRockBurgdorf

Xaon am CastleRockBurgdorf


Band: Horace

horace band hardcore bern

Horace is a 4-piece Hardcore Band hailing from Bern, Switzerland. Started in 2015 they are working on their vision of hard music; heavy riffs, tight drum grooves, straight hardcore shouting and open minds.

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