Band: A Thousand Years Slavery

A Thousand Years Slavery band

A Thousand Years Slavery is a Swiss band composed by five young musicians originating from the Montreux area, in the French speaking part of the country. They perform a hybrid style mixing both Scandinavian Death Metal influences and US Metalcore.
Everything starts in 2004, when they gather after the downfall of each of their respective musical projects. In 2006, they record their first 3-track demo which will be heard online by thousands of Internet users. This same year, they have the chance to play live with the now legendary band Black Dahlia Murder, which of course remained a big day in their memory. In 2008, the band enters a studio to record their first EP “A Fury Named Spartan”. Produced by Vladimir Cochet (Mirrorthrone, Weeping Birth, Unholy Matrimony), this opus offers powerful and epic Metalcore, vastly tinged with Scandinavian Death Metal. The band is currently working hard on composing their first full-length album, which should see the light in the end of 2009.
Lyrical themes: Subtle mix of mythical and epic poetry and personal experiences.

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